Isabella del Bono belongs to an aristocratic family whose lineage goes back a thousand years, making her family amongst Italy's oldest.

Her maternal grandfather was one of the first Italians to be awarded (in 1901) the important title of Cavaliere del Lavoro”(Working Knight)- a prestigious public award given to those who have contributed extraordinary work in the industrial sector. In Isabella's grandfather's case it was for the Rosacometta factory, one of the major industries at the time leader in constructions.


Isabella was raised between her family’s Villa in Coloreto, in the countryside near Parma, and Milan. She later lived in New York and Miami where she had a flourishing career as a style journalist and photographer.  In 2006 she returned to Italy where she began a new career creating a line of Coat of Arms jewellery using iron as the main metal component.

IdB tm

Her pieces are all handmade and unique and her use of iron is very unique as this ancient metal is little used these days due to it's hardness. No piece is identical to another, even if they come from the same model.

She first started with a line of Coat of Arms jewellery- rings and cufflinks with the client's family crest- but then expanded the collection to include rings, bracelets, earring, necklaces and other pieces mixing gold, iron, precious stones and even enamelwork to create innovative jewellery that is an elegant and alternative to classic gold and silver jewellery.

IdB is contemporary and unique, combining style and modernity with tradition.

How are these unique pieces created?

Iron block has to be worked when still incandescent to be properly forged, hammered, and chiselled to the desired shape. Two whole days of pure workmanship are required. The iron is then burnished with a special treatment to give it a dark colour.

The results of expert engravers ,enamelists, miniaturists and goldsmiths give the final pieces a similar look to those incredible works of ancient times, now displayed in museums worldwide.


All iron pieces are subject to special care such not keeping it in humidity, or immersing it in water. Iron is iron. But should it happen, you can always have it polished !

Outline on adopting a Coat of Arms 

A family crest can be used freely. With a noble cost of arms, a crown coherent with the title can top the shield. In case of a civilian or nationality badge, the shield is shown without a crown. Anyone is entitled to create his/her own badge provided one doesn't usurp other people's crests.

Besides the noble coat of arms, there are many other official crests pertaining to institutions such as Churches, Local Authorities, Charities- and Military Corps to mention a few. In addition, there are a number of badges belonging to exclusive clubs, Sports clubs, Mason or other lodges.

Exhibitions and press

IdB only conducts private sales held in exclusive private homes.

Isabella herself also gives pieces for charity benefits such as the auction for S.Patrignano, the Moratti family’s foundation (Sotheby’s catalogues).

IdB has been mentioned in the book - Europe jewellery from the 60’s and has been asked to participate in prestigious exhibitions such as “Gioiello Italiano Contemporaneo”2008 (published in the catalogue SKIRA); the “Gioiello per Milano 2010 in the Triennale of Milano; September 2012- Mostra del Gioiello come Souvenir (catalogue Skyra) and Vicenza oro .


IdB has been written about many times in Vogue Jewellery Italy (which can be viewed in the “press” section of this site) due to to the uniqueness and innovation of her collections.